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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Religion and the Big J!

Religion and the Big J!

Hopefully you don't get easily offended by anything to do with religion (its quite light hearted), if you do please stop reading this, its mostly in jest as everything I write is (except for the truth and facts I present).

You may be thinking uh oh, no he didn't! This is going get him crucified (like the letter t, not big J).

He chose the wrong topic this time of year (Dec).
A little bit of yes, and a little bit of no.
The big J I am referring to is of course my topic of this blog, Japan. Not the other J (well, mostly. Its called misdirection in magic circles. Make you think I'm not going to walk that line, then pull out the big guns).
As I have previously alluded to in other blogposts, Japan is a strange place when it comes to religion. You see stats are often skewed (fu$ked up). Some Japanese may see themselves as one religion or multiple! (As the great JayZ once said, jigga what!?)
Imagine that in Pakistan or India! Instead of getting stoned to death for having inter-religions marriages, people could be multi-religious. Maybe Pakistan and India wouldn't even need to be split anymore (fyi I'm referring to the partition of the two states based on religious ethos. Too deep for you? Its better than a religious joke....... maybe).

You see in Japan some may celebrate funerals the Buddhist way, weddings the Christian way and New Years the Shinto way. On top of that, in daily life follow Confucian morals (filial piety and such, if you catch my drift. Maybe too deep again? Its as deep as the Marianas trench, the deepest trench on the planet. Not to be confused with the band "Marianas Trench", which funny enough is also from Vancouver, the least "deep rock' scene I've heard of on the planet. Must be an oxymoron, sorta).

By devoting only certain times to each religion they are essentially utilizing what religion is convenient at that time. That's nice and would probably help make the world a more peaceful place (imagine Israel! On a side note did Brad Pitt ever clear out the World War Z{ombies}yet?).

LOL. Highly amusing! 

Not one religious doctrine or holy book driving the average Japanese person's existence, nor a commitment to only one divine power. Could it work anywhere else in the world? I'm not convinced (using history as my judgement hammer). Religion is like a plants photosynthesis, we seem to think need it, until it can be replaced with science & technology. In the case of plants I'm pointing to the replacement of the chemical chlorophyll via artificial means. I guess you didn't know I'm well read in botany and biochemistry (between raising two children and doing brain surgeries on the side). 
I'll write the chemical equations of photosynthesis below when I have a chance for you science types (I sometimes misdirect myself off topic magician style).

Oh ya I found the time to write it here. Hope you like it. Probably easier to understand than my description. Contact your neighborhood biochemist who has a doctorate for a breakdown.

In the case of religion I mean our expanding knowledge of the World and the Cosmos helps us to greater understand how things work. Is it time and location which primarily drives what religion we are; Greek gods, Pagan Gods, parents religion, now vs Egyptian times etc.
Technology is also helping us to be less inclined to look to the heavens and pray for replacement limbs, cancer treatments and medicines. 
Be thankful to your luck of being born in this day in age, instead of in the past, where the only thing that helps you get through each day is wishful thinking.
Imagine in the old days when having a baby was a death sentence, not getting enough vitamin C falling prey to scurvy.

In the case of Japan I always felt no one read too deeply or serious into religion (except for Aum Shinrikyo who as a normal Doomsday cult is, tried to bring end times with sarin gas on trains). In general, even if someone identified as only one religion they still appeared quite tolerant of other religions.

Even one of our resident Buddhist teachers who was quite a serious laugh had a few chuckles at his own expense.
I recall one-day about -5 C and heavy snow. One of the bad kids, took his clothes off, ran out into the snow and sat in the middle of the courtyard for all the other kids to see.
He chanted ``fake`` Buddhist mantra`s loud while sitting with legs wrapped yoga style, butt naked in the snow­. I laughed pretty hard, after I noticed a lot of the kids looking out the windows the Buddhist teacher went out to talk to him. He kept chanting. Finally he carried him inside, butt naked, snow falling everywhere (and probably making melting snow puddles which are a clear danger. There were no SLIPPERY WHEN WET signs).
The Buddhist teacher laughed and asked him what he was doing.
He continued to chant. He walked away without clothes on.
I think he thought everyone was laughing with him, but I thought perhaps they may be laughing at him, as the snow and cold had shrunk his family jewels. He didn't seem overly concerned.

Is this the big gun for last? Well it definitely made me laugh. Hopefully this is funny to you. Snicker snicker.

Neil received a lot of hate including being called anti-Christian. If spreading enthusiasm of his favourite scientist's birth-date is anti-Christian we are in for deeper issues than Mariana's Trench (no not the band!)

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