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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Give me an F, Mother Trucker!

Incase you didn't figure it out my student didn't say Mother Trucker.
It was another word which is similar to that.
You fill in the blank. Mother F#&**&#!

As I've stated in previous posts, the good students I loved, the bad students I didn't love (x 1000).
There were more than a few bad students to make my life interesting.

One day the English Teacher asked me to mark tests. "Sure", I said.
I'm bored looking at porn anyways at work (that's a joke. MAYBE).

I found one test with no English on it, including the part at the top that says write your name using the English alphabet (Romaji in Japanese). In the case if you are no historian or alphabetologist (that might not be a word FYI), I will inform you hence that the English alphabet is actually from Latin.
In Japan they use "Romaji" as the romanization of Latin characters to write Japanese.

Everyone loves Daasu Beidaa "Darth Vader" I see.

This particular student failed at that part, and everything else too apparently.

I noticed a black marker had been written repeatedly over the same characters in Japanese.


I thought that was cute.
At first I couldn't read it, but I had to decipher a few of the nastier words with my Ouija board.

I asked the spirits how to translate some very adult swears by an angry boy.

After looking at it, I laughed again and made a photocopy.
I still have it in my closet somewhere.

I wrote at the bottom in response.
I gave you a 1 although you failed to even write your name correctly using an alphabet you have studied for 13 years of your life. But you made me laugh. Therefore instead of ZERO as you requested I give you 1.
In addition, I request you die first, MOTHER TRUCKER!!

I hoped the teacher didn't recheck the papers to verify that I had marked them with bonus comments.

I recorded the scores for each student as to avoid that happening.

A few days later I heard a male student say "You die first!".
There were too many students and I forget what class the student was that wrote the test, so I couldn't put two and two together to know if it was the same student.
It may have just been a common theme among students directed at me.
I smiled at him and said in Japanese, "No you die first".
He laughed then I laughed.
The head teacher then scolded both of us.

I didn't stick my tongue out but I hoped the teacher would die first. I had my fingers crossed during scolding.

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